Are you ready for sovereignty?

It's time to live your own life.

Through 12 years of trauma education & my own healing journey, I have been to the underworld and back. Along the way I lit lanterns so you could also find your way. I have found that our capacity to actualize our fullest potential only comes through radical self-acceptance, when we trust our Selves to embody with ethics the power we have been cosmically gifted. That’s why in my work, I focus on three pillars: DISPELLING SHAME, EMBODYING CHANGE & INTEGRATING POWER.
Easy answers for complex questions don't exist. Complex questions deserve complex answers.

Hi - I'm Emma Ocean.

Emma Ocean

Therapeutic Coach

With 12 years of intensive study & certified training in 🎓 psychology, science 🔬 and spirituality🔮, I’ve integrated feminist interventions, attachment theory and spiritual healing. Through my own healing journey of body trauma, I’ve discovered the 🗝 keys of nervous system regulation ⚖️, relating to our emotions (hint: it’s not all about control), trauma-informed embodiment, reparenting my inner child , cultivating self-trust by listening to desire, the importance of energy clearing 🧿
I love offering courses because for me, knowledge empowered me. To understand what I was going through alleviated so much uncertainty. I want you to have the same clarity. I want you to have access to what your Body needs for wholeness. By bridging the spiritual and psychological, we discover together the You you could have been if trauma never happened. We welcome the “More” of life to step into an authentic, value-based life that honours the consent of your Body and connects you with the wisdom of your truest nature.

Here's what clients had to say..

I value my clients’ experience more than the letters behind my name. My intention in sharing anonymous feedback is to support you in making a more informed decision in inviting me into your healing journey.

“Emma created a safe space, even in her courses, and gave me the language to talk about something I didn't even understand myself.”

“After enrolling in Emma's courses, I feel so light and ready to set my own boundaries. Our session freed me up of so much I was carrying.”

“I'm so grateful for guides like Emma. I can't stop thinking about how powerful her courses are. She offers so much insight to reflect on.”

“I've never done any healing work before and going through Emma's courses are welcoming and easy. She gave me such good understanding of myself, to see myself in a new light.”

“Emma's courses are tangible, in-depth and transformative - I'm a better version of myself now.”

“Emma's courses offers insight that allow me to come to realizations I never could have otherwise. I accept myself now more than I ever thought I could. ”

“Receiving coaching from Emma has been a revelatory, exciting, & self-affirming experience. ”

You deserve to be the expert of your own life.

And also, you're here for a reason. There's something you can't figure out on your own.

You have all the answers within you - we just need to learn the language of your Body to interpret the wisdom you already hold.

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access

You'll be guided through a step-by-step process - no guess work. Every single course is...

  • TRAUMA INFORMED - creating safety by building trust through transparency

  • ATTACHMENT BASED - connect past experiences with present circumstances to identify & interrupt pattern repetition

  • EXISTENTIAL - identify your needs of purpose, belonging & meaning to live with Inner Consent

  • HOLISTIC - connect to the unseen, somatic experiences through guided ritual & meditation

  • SOLUTION-FOCUSED - focus on tangible practices to bring change into everyday

Transform with me

These courses are an offering of the understanding and learning I’ve accumulated, with tangible practices to create change in the here & now. If you’ve been waiting for a Masterclass in healing, it’s here.

Did you know you can work with me 1:1?

If learning on your own isn't your thing, I'm still here with you and for you.

We focus on creating connections from present experiences with past circumstances. Through narrative inquiry, we create a map of that quadrant of your psyche. Utilizing existential dialogue, we create relationship with this aspect and through specific at-home practices, the change will naturally arise in you. You can schedule a free consultation with the link below to get to know me more!
I trust myself to change without losing myself. Change is the transformation

I want you to trust yourself.

Through authentic, value-based living, we can return to our truest essence by trusting in what is original to you. This is what's original to you:

  • Softness

    I want to know how & when your body feels safe to trust & enjoy the goodness in your life. Who would you be if you could turn the volume down on your inner critic & instead honour your existence as it is, in reality?

  • Desire

    I want to know what you crave, what you like & don’t like - I want you to give voice to that which you desire. Who would you be if you trusted, instead of feared, the rising heat of desire through your core?

  • Authenticity

    I want to know the essence of your truest self - who you were before you were conditioned to NOT be your Self. How much energy, trust, joy would you realize if you allowed performance, perfectionism & people-pleasing fall by the wayside?

  • Healing

    I want to know how your capacity would shift if you actually honoured your pain & took your traumas seriously, instead of pretending you’re unaffected. What would change if you allowed yourself to be the imperfect human you are, without judgement - if you could accept yourself as you are instead of who you could be?

  • Freedom

    I want to know the life you would create, the life you crave - if money & time were not barriers. What would get you out of bed in the morning if you didn’t have obligations? Is it possible to live fully free of obligation?

  • Responsibility

    I want to know the you would you be if you internalized your own authority & took yourself seriously as the sovereign of your inner world. How would your life change if you stopped waiting for permission to live your life as yours?

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Your Becoming happens here.

I've translated my journey into immersive virtual courses for you to journey at your own pace

If you’re ready for depth without bypassing, trauma-informed empowerment and holding the nuance of the Both-And, it’s time to say “yes”. Healing that integrates the context of systemic oppression, healing that empowers with radical acceptance, healing that mirrors your worth - is the healing you deserve.


I believe trust is earned through transparency. I've worked hard to learn be soft. Here's how:

  • Masters in Counselling Psychology

  • Intergenerational Trauma Transmission Certificate

  • Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Certificate

  • Training in Existential Analysis

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Certificate

  • Reiki Master (levels 1, 2, 3) Certificate

  • Registered Trauma Professional with the International Association of Trauma Practitioners

  • Certified Compassion Fatigue Interventionist

  • Be Body Positive Facilitator - Health at Every Size

Want something more personal?

Did you know you can work with me 1:1?

If you're ready to dispel shame by listening to the wisdom of your body, Therapeutic Coaching might be for you. In an immersive skill-building approach of coaching with the trauma-informed expertise of therapy, we focus on interrupting patterns with compassion. You’ll be empowered to understand yourself with more depth, as we map your inner world together. With at-home practices to bring the change into everyday, you’ll have the safe container you need to activate your potential.


  • Do you have payment plans?

    Unfortunately not yet - it's something I hope to offer in the future! But there are lots of free courses and content to start with. To do this work in 1:1 sessions would be significantly more time & money so I try to balance what is a reasonable investment, along the intention that goes into each course.

  • Will I be able to learn on my own?

    Every brain is so different! I break down each complex course into step-by-step processes and if you need support along the way, I have weekly office hours & 1:1 sessions available to deepen your learning & healing.

  • How long will it take me to do the course?

    Each course is about 3 hours of video but they're designed to do a bit everyday. It's part of Marion Woodman's teaching, “Can I really believe I am worth an hour a day?” so I like to start with giving yourself 10 minutes a day to reflect with the course. It can take 2 days to 3 weeks - you get to learn at your own pace!

  • Do you do live or just pre-recorded courses?

    All my courses are pre-recorded but I often have live workshops available. Keep up to date with live offerings on Instagram @syconiumhealingpractice

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